Are we ready to set off?

A review of phrasal verbs related to transportation and travel

Phrasal verbs are a verb + a prepostion to create a new verb. We use them a lot, especially in spoken English. Take a look at some common ones and then look at the dialoague between Maria and Roger where they put them to use!

  • Set off – to begin a journey.
    • “We set off early in the morning to avoid traffic.”
  • Pick up – to collect someone or something.
    • “I’ll pick you up at the airport at 3 PM.”
  • Drop off – to leave someone or something at a specific location.
    • “Can you drop me off at the train station?”
  • Check in – to register at a hotel or airport.
    • “We need to check in two hours before our flight.”
  • Take off– when a plane becomes airborne
    • “The plane will take off at 6 PM and land at 9PM local time.”
  • Get in – to arrive at a destination.
    • “What time does the train get in?”
  • Get on – to board a vehicle.
    • “Let’s get on the bus before it leaves.”
  • Get off – to leave a vehicle.
    • “We need to get off at the next stop.”
  • Hold up – to delay someone or something.
    • “The traffic held us up, and we missed our flight.”
  • Get away – to go on vacation.
    • “We decided to get away for the weekend.”

Maria: Hey are we ready to set off!

Roger: Yes we are! We need to leave early in the morning to avoid traffic. I think 5 AM should be good.

Maria: At 5AM You must be crazy! What about 6AM? We will have plenty of time! And you’ll pick me up at my place?

Roger: Ok ok at 6AM. I can pick you up. Make sure you’re ready!

Maria: No problem. Can you drop me off at the train station on our way back? Pretty please!

Roger: Sure, I can do that too. By the way, don’t forget we need to check in two hours before our flight.

Maria: Got it. Our flight takes off at 10AM, right?

Roger: That’s correct. The plane will take off at 10AM sharp, so we should be at the airport by 7AM to be safe.

Maria: Hopefully, there won’t be any traffic to hold us up.

Roger: I hope so too. Last time, the traffic held us up, and we nearly missed our flight.

Maria: Let’s get on the bus to the terminal when we arrive at the airport.

Roger: Yes, and remember, we need to get off the bus at Terminal 3.

Maria: We need to check out of the hotel by noon on our last day.

Roger: Thanks for the reminder. I’m really looking forward to this trip. It was such a great idea to get away for a few weeks and just relax.

Roger: I can’t wait! We will stop over in Hong Kong for 10 hours on our way to Australia, so we’ll have some time to explore.

Maria: This trip is going to be amazing, but it’s always nice to get back home after adventures.

Roger: Yeah…There is always so much planning to do for a holiday.