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Jump in to the deep end!

We have taught English for many years and our students all have come with us with the same problem.

They can’t speak.

They might have studied English all of their lives but still can’t have a conversation.  


Here are four reasons you are going to love REACT ENGLISH:

Speak English through practice!

1. a proven method that works!

Making mistakes is part of the process. It helps us improve. Just like children learn to speak through trial and error. 

Think about it: nobody learns to swim with a textbook! We learn through practice. 

With REACT ENGLISH you will have lots of opportunities to speak. 

If you have a B1 level of English or above this is the course for you. Not sure of your level? Take the level test!

2. progress you will notice

REACT ENGLISH is especially designed for you to make progress. 

You will gain confidence as you advance through our method. 

Your vocabulary and grammar will naturally grow as you use it in context through dialogue and practice.

The more you work with this method the more fluent you will get.  


3. Realtime feedback from expert teachers

We know when and where you are making mistakes and we will help guide you to improve your speaking. 

You will also be given grammar and vocabulary resources before each class. You will have the tools to communicate in many different, practical situations. 


04. enjoy the process

Learning English doesn’t have to be boring! 

Our method puts speaking and interaction as your number one goal. 

Speak with other people about interesting topics and improve your English along the way. 


Matthew is from California in the United States but has lived in Barcelona for nearly half his life. Matt studied humanities in California and a master’s degree in political science in Barcelona. He has been teaching English for over 15 years to individuals young and old as well as in companies.  He is great at getting students talking.

 Marcel was born and raised in Barcelona. He spent his formative years in London and Newcastle. He holds too many degrees to count and has also been teacher for a very long time. Marcel is a vocational teacher that likes having fun in class and is always coming up with games and ways to get you speaking.  


David Bolet

Matthew and Marcel are great professionals, committed teachers who really care for their students. This method is made to make you progress.

David Martí

The instructors are incredibly knowledgeable and kept us on our toes with their classes.

Raúl González

. Great training! They are true experts.

Vanesa Tàrrega

"I am 42 years old, and I have been studying English for many years, trying different methodologies and schools. That has been the most motivating, enjoyable and fun experience I've ever had. I learned almost effortlessly and I have been able to apply the English language to everyday life, far from boring grammar and endless conventional lists to memorise I had with other methods. It aroused my interest in understanding everything I see and hear in English. It made me feel part of a group of people who CAN communicate in English. I was able to reconcile the course with my private life and it predisposed me to continuously and eagerly improve my skills. I recommend it 100% for all ages and sectors".

David Rodríguez

"I am very excited to share with you my experience with English and Marcel: It was a long time since I studied English and I always felt mentally blocked: boredom, lack of confidence, inability, laziness, shame, fear... But since I learned about Marcel's method, everything got better and better! We shared 4 hours online every afternoon for 5 months with his wonderful method, which I would describe as: -Communicative, optimal, fun, entertaining and fascinating. -Innovative and motivating both pedagogically and didactically. -Empathetic and adapted to the individuality and context of each person. -Clear, well crafted, serious, well-structured and with a cross-cutting organization of the contents, objectives and activities, all of them focused on practice."

Susana S. Lucas

"Great value for money. The course was very comprehensible and easy to understand."